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Joint-stock commercial bank "SENAGAT" one of the first commercial banks founded in Turkmenistan, has been formed by 22 founders-shareholders on October, 18th, 1989 as Turkmen commercial bank. The basic purpose of creation of bank is support of private entrepreneurs  and the enterprises engaged trading and industrial activity. On November, 20th, 1993 Turkmen commercial bank "Senagat" has been reformed to Joint-stock commercial bank "Senagat".

             At present JSCB "Senagat" is public held  joint-stock company and operates according to Laws of Turkmenistan « About credit establishments and bank activity», «About joint-stock companies» and other acts of Turkmenistan, and also the Charter of Bank.

             The Bank has the brunch network in all the velayat centers, and also in capital of our country and the cities of Turkmenbashy and Serdar of  Balkan velayat, 6 points in capital and 1 points  in velayats. The quantity of clientele served by bank makes more than 120 thousand, from which 96 % physical persons and private entrepreneurs.



From the moment of formation of the Joint-stock commercial bank «SENAGAT» issued 18 of simple Registered Securities which have been registered in the Central bank of Turkmenistan.

            As 01/04/2016  year the collected  authorized fund of bank makes 28 000 thousand manat  or 8 million the US dollars, the declared authorized capital makes 28 000 thousand manat or 8 million US dollars.The quantity of shareholders of bank at present makes more than 1 650 of which 25 percent are made by legal persons, 75 percent physical persons and entrepreneurs. 


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