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 One of the major events of 2013 in national bank system became rewarding of Joint-stock commercial bank of  "Senagat" on International convention B.I.D. on the quality, passed in Geneva under aegis of the International association of business (Business Initiative Directions) a prize «Century International Quality 

ERA» in a category gold for quality, leadership, technologies and innovations. The corresponding certificate also has been handed over to representatives of bank of Turkmenistan. The international convention on quality is a part of annual programs of noncommercial organization Business Initiative Directions (BID). Primary activity of this largest company on support of image of corporate business in the world is directed on dissemination of culture of quality in the in the lead companies of all countries. The international convention on quality is aimed at a recognition of merits 

of the companies, the organizations and experts in various fields of activity. For a high level of the achievements the best of them were awarded with premiums in following categories: gold, platinum, brilliant. Annually international premiums Business Initiative Directions award the enterprises and the organizations (irrespective of a geographical position) various spheres of services and manufacture.

As the bases for reception of the award high parameters of following parameters serve: satisfaction of the client; strategy of the communications; benchmarking (process of definition, understanding and adaptation of available examples of effective functioning of the company with the purpose of improvement of own work); the information and the analysis; in the lead positions in branch; planning; personnel resources and constant improvement of professional skill of the personnel; high economic results; conformity to the international quality standards ISO. In it to year in ceremony of rewarding from 74 countries of the world, and also leaders representatives of the companies have taken part in various fields of activity, professionals in the field of economy, arts, corporate image, experts in sphere of quality and representatives of a diplomatic coprs. Selection committee of organization B.I.D. recognizes the companies worthy rewardings by the International Prize CQE Century International Quality ERA on the basis of process of the voting which have been carried out among earlier awarded companies.

The final decision on rewarding those or other organizations brings selection committee CQE Century International Quality ERA on the basis of principles of Model of Quality (Total Quality Management). The information also acts from the international organization of experts B.I.D. In the field of the enterprise communications consisting of engineers, economists, physicists, architects, lawyers, journalists, sociologists and psychologists. These professionals investigate and study the greatest quantity of private and public sources, such as mass media, a press and publications, advertising and exhibitions, the enterprises of industrial marketing and universities, Embassies and Chambers of commerce, Commercial Representations. The recognition of successes of the Joint-stock commercial bank of Turkmenistan «Senagat» creates due to  platform for distribution of the information on a position and leadership of bank to the sector and in sphere of business. As it has noted been at ceremony of delivery of this prestigious international award, bank "Senagat" is a command of the professionals focused on constant perfection of processes and achievement of the in the lead role in the business world.

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