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Altyn Asyr - banking card

Joint-stock commercial bank of "Senagat" in execution of decrees of the President of Turkmenistan No 13240 from October, 03rd, 2013, No 12429 from July, 06th, 2012, and with a purpose of increase of value of our national manat, increases in its stability, expansion of a spectrum of services of bank cards in our national manat- the clearing settlements determined in front of bank system, from the beginning 2009 specially has introduced system of plastic cards «Altynasyr». This system has been offered by the Central bank of Turkmenistan. Now our bank serves more 65 000 clients.


The bank card «Altynasyr», is intended for functioning in territory of Turkmenistan, and now in practice offers to clients following services:

- Transferring of wages of workers of any legal persons into a plastic card and delivery;

- Any for you convenient time with can remove cash money resources from a cash dispenser;

- It is provided reliable storage of your means;

- Any time with can learn the rest on yours account;

- There is no necessity to carry oneself cash money resources;

- Economy of time for carrying out bank operations;

- You can remove money resources from your account round the clock;

- You can send money resources on any point to our country;

- You can make non-cash payment of the credit;

- You can pay for services of communication over the cash dispenser;

- Can pay for the got goods in shopping centers.


What is the «Bank card» and what convenience includes?

The bank card is your reliable wallet. At loss of bank card it is possible to restore, however, after lossimpossible to return your cashes back. And it is the most basic convenience of a plastic card. There can be a question: «What difference in reception of wages by a plastic card or in the cash form?», thus, it is economy of your precious time, by means of a bank card at any time, namely, both in the afternoon, and at night, in working and the days off you can receive the wages entirely or partially in the cash form due to cash dispenser, not standing in a queue.


The plastic card of the Joint-stock commercial bank of «Senagat», offered to the population, in the long term plans greater intentions. In the near future it plans to offer our clients various kinds of clearing settlements.



Joint-stock commercial bank of «Senagat» offers you the list of items for cashing in of plastic cards and carrying out of the calculations introduced in the Asghabatcity and in velayat centers.

Besides in 2004 between JSCB of «Senagat» and «Promswyazbank» - being one of world famous leading banks of Russia is concluded the contract on introduction of cards of Mastercardand the Maestro. At present  in head bank and in velayatbranches and hotels where often come foreign citizens our bank creates a greater opportunity for using the given card.

In the future by our bank will be accepted the international cards such as Matercard, Maestro, Visa card in all points on delivery of cashes, and also in widely developed trading system of service in Turkmenistan and in foreign countries.


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