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System of Yanardag

The System of electronic payments «Yanardag» developed in conformity with requirements of the President of Turkmenistan on realization of activity of banks on a level with the highest world’s standards. This system is created at participation JSCB of «Senagat» on purpose of satisfaction of demand of the population on urgent translations of cash money resources in national manat territory of Turkmenistan.

The system of electronic payments of «Yanardag» approved on February, 17th 2003  by the Central bank of Turkmenistan ant put into operation since February, 24th, 2003

This system of electronic payments renders services in velayat centers of Turkmenistan, namely, on cities - Mary, Dashoguz, Turkmenabat, Balkanabat, Turkmenbashy and Serdar.

Control centre of system is JSCB of «Senagat».

Transfers are carried out between physical persons without opening bank accounts.

The system of electronic payments of «Yanardag» is known among the population for speed, safety and convenience.


In the future will be introduced the new kind of the above mentioned system, by its clients can send not only  transfers but also messages, congratulations as which they consider necessary.


Money transfers  Western Union

            The joint-stock commercial bank of «Senagat», being guided by requirements under the offer to the population of fast and convenient bank services during an epoch of New Revival and great reforms  under direction of our Esteemed President and considering desires of the population, on purpose of perfection of bank services, since date of the formation pays special attention to work with clients. The bank has managed to expand a spectrum of constantly carried out operations, to introduce new kinds of various bank services, to raise their quality.

JSCB of «Senagat» in 2001 having concluded the contract with not bank credit organization of Moscow «Western Union MT of East », in our country the first has started to serve clients on system of the international remittances «WesternUnion». Transfers are carried out between physical persons without opening the bank account. The system the Western Union usually enables fast transfer of money resources in any country of the world. To whom the sent remittance is intended, that in some minutes can receive translation. And it creates an opportunity to save time and to render the monetary help to relatives and the friends who are being on long distance from you. By our bank are conducted set of greater works on increase in quantity of clients, perfection of services rendered by it. Not only in head bank, but also in all vealayatbranches, and also in high populated areas, in newly opened shopping centers open set of  «Western Union» and exchange offices for convenience of population.

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