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Cash services

Transfer operations

Growth of turn overs  of money resources - a key parameter of overall of performance of JSCB «Senagat».

JSCB «Senagat» performed the next operations under the account and renders the bank services connected with its service:


   JSCB "Senagat" offers the next kind of credits for physical persons:


  • According to Decree of President of Turkmenistan № 11817 from 2nd September, 2011

About the further improvement of domestic conditions of young families in Turkmenistan to young families on purchase of necessary house property and the economic goods in the sum no more than 6 thousand manat 3 years;

Money transfers

System of Yanardag

The System of electronic payments «Yanardag» developed in conformity with requirements of the President of Turkmenistan on realization of activity of banks on a level with the highest world’s standards. This system is created at participation JSCB of «Senagat» on purpose of satisfaction of demand of the population on urgent translations of cash money resources in national manat territory of Turkmenistan.

Altyn Asyr - banking card

Joint-stock commercial bank of "Senagat" in execution of decrees of the President of Turkmenistan No 13240 from October, 03rd, 2013, No 12429 from July, 06th, 2012, and with a purpose of increase of value of our national manat, increases in its stability, expansion of a spectrum of services of bank cards in our national manat- the clearing settlements determined in front of bank system, from the beginning 2009 specially has introduced system of plastic cards «Altynasyr». This system has been offered by the Central bank of Turkmenistan.

Deposits of consumers

Involvement of deposits of consumers are one of the important kinds of bank operations of JSCB  «Senagat».

At present  Joint-stock Commercial bank "Senagat " makes operations on involvement  of means of the population in deposits on various kinds of contributions which from the point of view of the order can be broken withdrawals on two basic groups:

a) deposits  till called for

b) urgent depositary contributions.

JSCB «Senagat» guarantees full safety of the money resources entrusted to it and their delivery under the first requirement of the investor.

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