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Altyn asyr banking cards

Joint-stock commercial bank of "Senagat" in execution of decrees of the President of Turkmenistan No 13240 from October, 03rd, 2013, No 12429 from July, 06th, 2012, and with a purpose of increase of value of our national manat, increases in its stability, expansion of a spectrum of services of bank cards in our national manat- the clearing settlements determined in front of bank system, from the beginning 2009 specially has introduced system of plastic cards «Altyn asyr». This system has been offered by the Central bank of Turkmenistan.

Bank guarantee


· GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT- the obligation of the bank which has been given out under the request of the principal (buyer) in favour of beneficiary (seller, supplier and etc.) to pay to the last the certain sum in case of default by the principal of the obligations on payment for the put (shipped) goods (the rendered services, performed works);


Factoring – crediting under a concession of the monetary requirement at which the Bank transfers money resources in the order of the client, and the client concedes to Bank the right of the monetary requirement to the third party.

The terms of granting of factoring:

Currency of crediting


Time of crediting

180 days


The money resources acting under the assignment contract by the Client


JSCB "Senagat" offers the next kind of credits for private legal persons:

In national currency manat:

Cash services

Transfer operations

Growth of turnovers  of money resources - a key parameter of overall of performance of JSCB «Senagat».

JSCB «Senagat» performed the next operations under the account and renders the bank services connected with its service:

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